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adtech tokyo

November 27th-28th,
2019 @ Tokyo International Forum
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Hideyoshi Tanimoto
SMN Corporation / NexGen Digital Corporation
Senior Vice President / President & Representative Director

Hideyoshi experienced as a media planner for mass media and Internet advertising at a general company since 1998.
In 2002, He joined GMO NIKKO Co., Ltd. (then Nikko Co., Ltd.), and in 2013 he was promoted as Managing Director.
April 2017, He joined SMN (formerly So-net Media Networks) and have promoted the position of Senior Vice President in charge of ad technology business, and currently in charge of product planning and business strategy.
In September 2019, NexGen Digital was established and he have been promoted the position of President and Representative Director in order to more directly solve issues for advertisers as a marketing agency that utilize for AI and big data.