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adtech tokyo

November 27th-28th,
2019 @ Tokyo International Forum
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Pass Application





1,500 passes only

ONE DAY 11/27

ONE DAY 11/28

1 Keynote
2 Exhibition
3 Sponsored Presentation Stage
(Stages 1-3 inside the Exhibition hall)
4 Official Conference Session 27th Only 28th Only
5 Networking Party
6 Lunch & Coffee(Provided at the lunch area) 27th Only 28th Only
7 Profile Picture on Pass
(illustrations/icons NOT accepted)

*For Full Conference and One Day pass holders, you need to have your profile picture registered online before you can enter the venue.

*For those who need a visa to enter Japan: We cannot provide an invitation letter so please ask your partner companies in Japan.

Pass Pricing

1,500 passes only
Till Aug 31st
Free 89,000 JPY 53,000 JPY
Sep. 1st - Nov. 26th
Free 110,000 JPY 67,000 JPY
Nov. 27th - Nov. 28th
5,000 JPY 141,000 JPY 85,000 JPY

*Prices above does not include tax.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions

1. Can I get an invitation letter/visa?

We do not give out invitation letters.
・In case you or your company need a visa to enter Japan please find a company that can get an invitation letter for you.

2. I want to cancel my purchased pass:

Purchased passes cannot be canceled.

3. I want to give my pass to someone:

After logging in, click the “Purchase History” tab → “Pass List” button.
Click “ + Invite to an event ” on the right side and send an invitation email to the participants you want to change to.

4. Where should I issue my pass?

You can issue a pass from the My Page Profile tab.
・ Those who participate in the visitor pass: You can enter the venue directly with the printed pass.
・ Participants with a full conference pass / one-day pass / VIP pass: In exchange for an admission pass at the entrance of the venue.

5. Where can I register my profile?

You can change your profile from the My Page Profile tab.
Click the edit button to make changes.

6. Where can I answer the questionnaire?

There is a link for starting survey responses on My Page, so you can answer from there.
* If you have answered once, the survey response link will not be displayed.
* Once you have answered your questionnaire, you cannot change it.

7. I haven't received my application email:

In the following cases, you may not receive a registration procedure e-mail.
▶ E-mail reception restrictions for spam mail countermeasures
▶ There is a possibility that the guide mail is distributed to the spam mail folder unintentionally.
  Please check your spam folder or trash folder for emails.
▶ If you enter an incorrect email address, you will not receive the guidance email.
▶ Mailbox is full

8. I cannot issue a pass:

To issue a pass, you need to register a profile and answer a questionnaire.
Please log in to My Page, register your profile, and answer surveys.


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