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adtech tokyo

November 27th-28th,
2019 @ Tokyo International Forum
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11/27 [13:50-14:40]

One Day PASS(11/27) Full Conference PASS

AU3 Strategy foundation

We all understand “strategy” is an important concept, though, we may not find it easy to explain what really is strategy. Unlike “Marketing” or “Management”, there are no many opportunities to study Strategy at school or business. You can train your strategic thinking better and read books like "XX Strategy” better by paying more precise attention to the right spots if you understand the concept of Strategy. You can just read many books at random and learn through experiences, just like many business professionals. You can also take this course instead, that will help you understand fundamental components of Strategy. You will be able to use Strategy and its point of view as a universal tool. Also, I share tips to train such skills.


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