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adtech tokyo

November 27th-28th,
2019 @ Tokyo International Forum
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Mina Fukasawa New
PR Planner

She is currently working as a PR Planner at Dentsu Inc, a Japanese large-scale PR/advertising agency. Her clients are diverse from the public and private sectors. Regarding the job for the public sector, she is in charge of PR consulting for Prime Minister’s Office Global Communication while drawing a communication strategy for shampoos or beverages and event planning for an international apparel brand or publishing company. She is also skilled in marketing. She Received multiple international PR Awards: Grand Prix/IPRA, GOLD/SABRE, GOLD/PR Award Grand Prix 2018, and BRONZE/PR Awards Asia. Prior to the current position, she studied abroad at University of California, Davis, and worked as an intern at SAIS (Johns Hopkins University School of International Relations) and the Mansfield Foundation in Washington, D.C.


Thu, 28th Nov 12:35-10:40

[TB8] Marketing From Now On by U30 (100min)


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