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adtech tokyo

November 27th-28th,
2019 @ Tokyo International Forum
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Takashi Okutani 7
Oisix.ra.daichi Inc.
COCO (Chief Omni-Channel Officer)

Omni-Channel & Marketing Specialist. Previously working at MUJI WEB Business Section as General Manager, produced Digital CRM App called MUJI passport & create global CRM Platform. Also, launch several oversea MUJI EC platform. Currently working at Oisix.ra.daichi Inc as Chief Omni-Channel Officer. From 2017, studying at Hitotsubashi Univ. as Doctoral student and have launched my company called Engagement Commerce Lab. Also, from 2018, became the CEO of Kokyaku Jikan INC.


Sat, 27th Nov 11:40-12:30

[TB1] Marketing that Changes and Those that Does Not


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