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adtech tokyo

November 27th-28th,
2019 @ Tokyo International Forum
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Daiju Chiba New
IBM Japan, Ltd.
Performance Marketing -Digital Strateghist-

In 2012, joined Cyber Communications Inc. and I was in charge of sales for advertising products such as ad networks.
After that, I supported social media marketing of clients in Allied Architects, Inc. as a manager/communication producer. From 2014, I was stationed at Web & System / Solution department of DENTSU INC. to produce digital marketing including the Web area collaborated with them.
Currently, I’m working as a digital marketer in IBM Japan Ltd. and I’m in charge of m the entire digital marketing from strategy development ,marketing automation, web production and advertising for IBM Watson and Developer. In conjunction with this, I am leading the project to introduce DMP and DSP deployment for Japanese market.


Thu, 28th Nov 12:35-10:40

[TB8] Marketing From Now On by U30 (100min)


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