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adtech tokyo

November 27th-28th,
2019 @ Tokyo International Forum
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ADK Marketing Solutions Inc.

Today, when communications are undergoing major transformations, ADK, too, is taking on a new form.
We bring together units of professionals equipped with the advanced skills to open up new opportunities in this era.
Four companies, each highly specialized in its own field, come together and combine their capabilities in a corporate group led by a pure holding company to provide more reliableand effective marketing services.
ADK Marketing Solutions provides comprehensive solutions in the realm of marketing to address the diverse issues our clients face.
With an organization for utilizing data to execute data-driven marketing (DDM), we collaborate with our corporate partners to offer more powerful solutions in the digital realm.
Our mission is to contribute to business results by quickly following the PDCA cycle as we move forward side-by-side with our clients.

LINK: https://www.adk.jp/e/


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